Turning Archive 2007

Forgive me my turning friends *PIC*

Mik eSchwing from Maryland
>for I have sold my lathe! Actually, some of you may remember me from like 2 years ago. Good heavens, has it really been that long since I did any woodwork? Yes it has. However, I finally got back to it but I need to buy another lathe, which is in the works. Till then, I have done some carving. Please accept my apologies for posting some non-turned work here, but its all I got! These two spoons posted here today are for display only and the first one below is of the curly maple variety, and is about 15" long. It is sprayed with a penn. cherry dye then lacquered and hand rubbed. Most work is done with a Foredom and carbide bits. Comments welcomed. Good to be back, kind of..

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