Turning Archive 2007

Be careful out there children.

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>Hi all,

Several days ago, I caught sight of a big, dead silkwood (mimosa)tree on the hill near the border of our property. I resolved at that time to take it down for turning blanks.

I went out this afternoon and felled the tree. Since it was in a fairly populated area, it naturally and expectedly hung up on some smaller trees. I cut the first section loose with no problem, about the first 5'. In cutting down the second section, I evidently failed to notice a small tree of some kind that had been bent over by the top of the cut tree. When I loosed the second section of mimosa, this bent tree must have broken loose and then proceeded to whack me soundly on top of the head. This scenario is based on memory. I haven't been back down to see how accurate I am. Once the blood started to flow from the scalp, I came back to the house to lick my wounds.

The moral of the story is that when you are taking down a tree, stay aware and mindful of the conditions as they develop. I have cut down numerous trees over the past 30 years of heating with wood. This is the first time one ever hit me back. A hard hat would have been of benefit, also.


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