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the inside of the bowl

robo hippy
>This is driving me crazy (well, more so than normal), but after turning several thousnad bowls over almost 10 years, my finish cuts on the outside of the bowl are a lot better than the inside cuts. I am stumped. I can use my left hand as a steady rest so that I can make a cut from the rim to the bottom of the bowl. I can get it fairly bumpless. I get little or no tearout. I round off the sharp edge of the bottom of the grind on my gouges. I use a freshly ground gouge for the finish cut. I use my right hand for all the pressure of the cut, and the the left hand does only minimal guiding (thanks to Soren Berger). However, I still get some concentric rings, and the overall end product just isn't as good as the outside cuts. Once in a great while, I get a surface that needs only minimal sanding, but this is the exception, not the rule. Some one help me please!!!!!
robo hippy

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