Turning Archive 2007

Dust collecting at the lathe?

Joe Pack
>News flash...playing with a lathe produces a whole bunch of chips and dust!

My shop is in the basement. So is my furnace. My wife has allergies that cause skin breakouts from time to time. I suspect dust from turning exotics may be a contributing factor, although the dermatologist didn't seem to think so. I suspect the dust I produce, and probably carry upstairs, may not help much, though.

So, I want to try to control as much dust as possible at the lathe. I have a DC that I will be connecting in the next couple of months, and would like to connect the system to my lathes (a Jet mini and a Jet 1442). I also have a good shop vac that is very quiet. I am looking for ideas for hoods/boxes/traps that would help collect chips and dust. The attachment gizmo I saw at Rockler doesn't look like it would be very effective. Any ideas, pictures, etc.? Do you trap dust/chips at the lathe, or am I just wasting my time?

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