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Mustard Monster Site Completed! (PM3520 Tips) *LINK*

Jerry Hall
>It's done!

Since March of 2006 I have been plunking away at gathering and organizing PM3520 tips and links, and stashed them in the AAW tips forum. Soon it got long and hard to work with. So I set up a free Google web site:

Take a look and give me some feedback. You might particularly enjoy reading Rude Osolnik's oral history and his seminal idea for the Powermatic sliding headstock lathe. There is also a video of Rude just before he passed away. It was nice for me to understand the wonderful heritage of this lathe and a bit about the turner behind it.

A new entry describes how to build your own remote switch listed under the "What's New" section.

I am worried that some of the links will slowly disappear, and hope to capture the photos and narratives of the best ideas and discussion and put them directly in the site pages. This is a risk particularly for personal web page links. Help on this would be appreciated.
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Mustard Monster Site Completed! (PM3520 Tips) *LINK*
Re: Mustard Monster Site Completed! (PM3520 Tips)
Thank you, Jerry.
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