Turning Archive 2007

Bowl Steady - finally *PIC*

Chip in Plano
>I finally built something I've needed for over a year. I hate building jigs. I built so many jigs when I was doing flatwork, I have a mental complex about them. But after tossing several pieces in the 'someday I'm gonna fix it' box or the firebox, that I finally did it. I made it oversized for my 14" Jet so figuring out the length and position of the rollers and arms was interesting. In the end, I left enough clearance to allow my Monster Laser HF jig to poke through for most pieces. The 2 lower wheels will fully recess so I can almost turn to full capacity. For anybody else who have lost a piece (or 6) due it being insufficiently supported when hollowing build one for yourself.

Now if I can just finish my segmenting tablesaw sled ala Malcom Tibbetts.

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