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Vendors at SWAT

Jerry Whitaker
>Listed here are about 22 vendors scheduled to attend SWAT. There should be 3 to 5 more. A big number for this size of symposium. You should be able to buy just about anything you want whether you need it or not.

The Sanding Glove Sanding Products
Extensive line of 3M abrasives, specialized sanding tools, disc holders and more
(Bruce Hoover)

The Cutting Edge Turning Tools & Supplies
Your Texas connection for the best turning tools, including Glaser HiTec tools
(Steve LaGrue)

Torne-Lignum Bottle Stoppers
Stainless Steel bottle stoppers, famous turners sayings on t-shirts, "Finishing Secrets" and "Turning Bowls" DVDs
(Ruth Niles)

AustralianBurls.com Wood
The finest selection and quality Australian Burls
(Jim Syvertsen)

VMwoodworking Keyless Chucks
" and " keyless chucks - best quality and price
(Mike Hare)

Canyon Studios Turning School
Texas Turning School with name Instructors
(Gene Colley)

Elbo Tool Hollowing System
Tailstock Hollowing System
(Stanley Townsend)

Turningwood.com Sanding Sys & Supplies
Sanding Disks
(Steve Worchester)

Classic Wooden Belts Handcrafted Rosewood Wooden Belts, Wooden Watches, Wooden Purses, Wooden Bracelts & Magnetic Healing Necklaces.
(Gordon Eisenberg)

Stubby Lathe Lathes
The Best Australian Lathe
(Wm Rubenstein)

Hilton Handcraft of the Ozarks Supplies
Wood blanks, hand-made tools, videos and lots of other unique and exclusive woodturning supplies
(Andrew Hilton)

Robust Tools Robust Lathes
Fine Woodturning Lathes and the Tilt Away Tailstock Attachment
(Brent English)

Woodcraft Supplies
Tools, wood, classes and supplies
(Mark Sauder)

Craft Supplies USA Supplies
The Woodturners Catalog
(Kirk DeHeer)

Geitech Turning Accessories
Offering unique solutions for problems that woodturners encounter every day!
(Don Geiger)

Wood World Turning Wood
Lumber, woodworking tools, books and advice
(Craig Fyock)

Lindow-White Lathe Rose Engine Lathe
Ornamental Lathe
(Steve White)

CPH Internaltional Starbond CA Glue
Instant glue for woodturning
(Paul Huan)

Best Wood Tools Lathe Accessories
Quality woodworking tools
(Vic and Sharon Arrighi)

Woodworker's Emporium Lathes and accessories
(Christian Brisepierre)

Don Pencil Woodturning Products Turning tools and accessories
(Don Pencil)

Creative Tech Rotary Tools
High Speed Rotary Chisels
(Don Hines)

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