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opinions please -- tool handles *PIC*

GaryG in MD
>Background first -- I'm just an amateur -- I make stuff to keep or give away to "lucky" people as gifts. No pretentions, galleries, etc. Just for fun, but, hopefully, quality work that I can be proud of.

I got more wood than I could deal with this spring when some itinerant tree whackers came through the neighborhood. I wasn't able to get to it all in a timely manner, and some of it got the dreaded black mold (or whatever you call it). Other than that, the wood is sound. I roughed a piece (silver maple) into an 11+ inch bowl with the result in the photo. The sap wood is mostly gray, as I expected it would be. The piece has some spalt on the outside and a funky branch inclusion on the inside. I would like to save it.

My question is, how bad is that -- to the average non-turner and to you as a turner? If I finish it normally with, say, Watco, the gray areas will be -- gray. One could say that's just more "nature"; after all, we accept things like worm holes and spalt, so why not mold? Others, I'm sure, will turn up their noses and say "yuk; dirty; unacceptable". I've been going back and forth and can't decide -- hence this post. I would like to get a feeling about where the balance of opinions is. On a scale from "who cares?" to "trash it!", where does that fit on your personal scale?

I know I can Chlorox it and make a lot of it go away, but I'm not sure I want to do that.
I can dye it blue -- then the gray will just be a different shade of blue. That's a possibility, but I want to consider a normal oil finish first. So what do you all think? Thanks.


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