Turning Archive 2007

Slow Drying Walnut Oil Finish - Help!

Bill Clark
>I recently turned two medium sized salad bowls, one of soft maple and the other of chinese elm. Because these bowls will be used and I wanted an easily renewable finish, I applied a generous coating of pure walnut oil. The bowls absorbed most of the oil and I wiped off the excess after a couple of days. I then left them indoors to dry. I have read that walnut oil will eventually harden. So far that has not been the case. Itís been a month and both bowls still have an oily residue on the surface. Iíve wiped the surface with paper towels twice but the residue returns. Because of the closed grain of the maple bowl it is dryer than the open grain elm but both will leave an oil spot on any paper or cloth they sit upon.

How long will it take for the walnut oil to finally harden? Is there any food safe solvent I can wipe on the surface to remove the untried oil? Iím open to suggestions.

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