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Norfolk Island Pine disaster *PIC*

steve antonucci
>I started to rough out the NIP that David Chung sent me from Hawaii. I started to hollow it today, and after a design change, I thought I had a decent chance at a save. I had hollowed through the top, and that little nib in the middle of the hollow caused a small kickback that blew out the 1" hole. So I cut a 2" hole, and the form was still good, so I kept going.

I had hollowed the entire form to 1/8", and I was parting it off when it came and hit the floor. The bottom was still on the lathe. You are looking at the bottom.

The vessel weighed 3.6 oz, but the wood is still wet. It was 4.6 oz this afternoon, and I expect that it will finish up under 3 oz. I might sand it out and turn a broad flat collar. The base will have a hole in it, to remind me to keep trying...


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Norfolk Island Pine disaster *PIC*
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