Turning Archive 2007

Vroom vroom cocobolo

David Breth
>A guy I work with is interested in having me turn a couple of things for him for his car, as he customizes his dash board. As we discussed it, some questions arose, however, and I'm hoping you can help.

1) There would be "cannisters" into which guages would fit. The temperature extremes will be pretty significant, from sub-zero in the winter to ridiculously hot in a parked car in the summer. Are there some wood-types that would good candidates or bad candidates?

2) What type of finish would anybody recommend? I'm thinking this is a job for multiple coats of polyeurethane, but maybe there ars smarter choices for a wear piece (shifter) or given the temperatures extremes.

3)My friend is a cocobolo fan. I've never turned it. I understand there are some health considerations associated with that wood. Also, he is wondering if it would need a finish at all, since it has some oils that may help it along. I would think you'd want a finish regardless of that, but I know nothing of the wood.

We would appreciate any assistance! Thanks -

David Breth

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