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Nice surprise in the mail yesterday *PIC*

Ellis Walentine
>When Ray Thompson advised me last week to watch the mail, I was puzzled. What kind of mischief was afoot?

Well, the surprise came home yesterday, as I found a package in my mailbox with a WoodCentral hat, signed by the whole Indyfest gang, and a check for $181 of proceeds from their raffle for the WoodCentral treasury. Thanks so much!

I was too preoccupied with obligations at home to make the trek to Indy this year, but I was thinking of you all and how much I wished I could be there with you again. It is really an exceptional party. I sure wasn't expecting you to hold a benefit raffle for WoodCentral, but I'm flattered, proud and delighted to provide you all with a place to gather and share and carry on with like-minded folks. I guess WoodCentral really is the glue that binds a large and growing bunch of woodworkers and turners together. (Now maybe I'm flattering myself. :-)

Anyhow, thanks, Ray, and all the rest of you who took part in that great Indiana event. I hope I can make it to the next one!

Best regards,

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Nice surprise in the mail yesterday *PIC*
Glad you enjoyed it, Ellis *NM*
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