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Oak Spindles

Glenn Goins
>I'm trying to restore to usable condition an old oak (could be ash or hickory) rocking chair we retrieved from the ancestral family farm in southern Indiana. I'm having difficulty finding a couple of the decorative spindles I need to replace a broken seat support and a leg stretcher. None of the local wood workers' source outlets here in the Valley seem carry these or similar items.

It looks like both were turned from one-inch stock. One of the spindles (14-1/8" overall length -- 12-5/8" plus 3/4" on each end) is sawn about halfway through lengthwise and affixes to the lower edge of the front seat portion of the chair before the ends fit into drilled holes in the chair frame. The other is roughly 15-3/4" overall length, including the 3/4" ends that fit into the chair frame. I wonder if there are any of your members nearby who could fabricate replacement parts for me at a nominal fee?

I live in west Chandler (Rural & Ray); (480) 940-4080. Thank you for any assistance you may provide.

Glenn Goins

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Oak Spindles
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