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Indyfest vessel *PIC*

keith zimmerman, Normal IL
>Here is a shot of the finished hollow vessel I turned on the prototype Vega lathe at Indyfest. It is a piece of boxelder that Ray had on the pile. The final size is 7" in diameter and just under 3" high including the collar, with 1/4" wlls. The collar is turned from some black walnut I got at the Gathering at TD's in 2006. The finish is 3 coats of Waterlox, buffed to a soft finish, which I like. There is no foot, a detail I have been using more and more.

This piece was meant only to put the Vega to work and I think it accomplished that. I spent most of Friday evening working on it.

Thanks for looking.


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Indyfest vessel *PIC*
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I like your hollow form
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