Turning Archive 2007

A good weekend *PIC*

tek-Brunswick, Ohio
>I participated in a Show in Strongsville, Ohio, Saturday and Sunday. It is primarily a Carving Show, but they also include woodturning categories. I submitted 4 pieces for judging. I recieved 2 First place ribbons, one second place ribbon and one honorable mention. That isn't quite as good as it sounds. There were only 8 turners there and I'm sure not every turner submitted work to be judged. I had our club (The North Coast Woodturners) lathe set up to demo during the weekend. Volunteers from the club kept the lathe going most of the show and had a few people interested in turning. We had club business cards, with meeting information on them, set out and they took some of the cards. My main focus on being there was to promote the club and I think that went well. I sold a few mushrooms and a small bowl that covered my expenses. I wasn't really trying to sell. The best part of the show, for me, was finding out one of our newer members is an accomplished turner and is willing to do demos at meetings. As vice president, one of my jobs is arranging demos. Finding another good demonstrator in the club makes my job easier.Here is a picture of the left side on my table. My daughter Amy at the table. She helped there while I was out and about.

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