Turning Archive 2007

In love again...and soooo fickle!

Mike Jones
>My latest love came into my house this morning and took up #1 position on the coffee table in front of the TV. Last week's object of obsession went to the #2 spot atop the fridge. I see a pattern here. In fact, several pieces that I had been totally in love with a few months ago, went off to a gallery...likely to never be seen again. And this, with little remorse, mind you!!

How fickle is this? One day I am lovingly caressing a piece of maple with 600 grit, and another day, a week later, I am similarly massaging something cherry...engrossed...totally immersed...obsessed! The finished work now gone from my mind and from my heart, replaced by a work-in-progress...and I have to wonder...am I alone in this?

Are you at all twisted like this? Do you 'cycle' your work from 'front-and-center' to eventual oblivion? Do you think about your work while driving...visualize your "piece du jour" while nodding off in church? I do! And sometimes I worry myself about me.

Is this singularly my affliction?

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