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Jet mini lathe problems - help!

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>This is a reposting of a Jet mini lathe problem that was buried in an Indy Fest post.

I bought a Jet mini lathe a couple of years ago. The machine looked good in the factory box and the seller said it had light use. I am now getting a new definition of 'light use.'

The problem is in turning the tailstock handle. The rotation was very rough, almost impossible to turn through about 70% of a revolution. I had posted questions about how to get the thing apart and now have it in pieces.

It appears the male threaded portion of the tailstock spindle (leadscrew? on the exploded drawing in the owners manual) is BENT! The non-threaded portion is what is rubbing the inside of the casting. The threaded portions operate smoothly. In threading them together outside of the casting I noticed a slight wobble. Then I placed a straight edge along the part and definitely saw that it was bent. This cannot be good.

How did this happen? Somebody whaling on it to release a taper? But perpendicular to the shaft? Doesn't make sense. Seems like it would take some very serious pounding to bend this thing. What else should I check before I delve further into repairs? The motor runs fine. The headstock appears to runs true. Might there also be a problem with the tailstock casting?

Also, where do I get another part? On-line source? Or customer service number? The drawing is unclear about the part number. My thought is that it would be #56 which is listed on the parts list as the leadscrew, but is not identified on the drawing at all.

And assuming all I need is a new leadscrew, what do I use as a lubricant?

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