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Indy Fest fallout

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>OK, folks.

I stopped along the way home picking up a few goodies. I got the BBQ light at a Lowes. I stopped at Woodsmith Store in Des Moines. It was the only toy store open when I was in the area. Drooled over their stuff for a while. Found the JT33-MT2 thingie there. Drove past a Woodcraft, I think in Peoria, but it was way past open hours. :)

Anyhoo. Now I have questions. I got an JT33 to MT2 thingie for my drill chuck. Tonight I went to see how it would all fit together. Well, the adapter slipped into the chuck just fine. But it did not slip into the tailstock just fine. :(

So, I started turning the tailstock wheel and that is where the problem is. It has a very tight spot about 70% of every revolution. I looked at the exploded drawing in the owner's manual to see what is what. I finally turned enough (very tight in spots) to get the tailstock spindle out. The threads look OK but it is very dirty in there. I see an E-ring in the drawing which appears to be holding the spindle in the casting. How do I get this out so I can eyeball and thoroughly clean everything? That would be part #57 in the drawing.

I bought this lathe used. It runs fine. I WILL get the VS motor running for it one day. (I promise, Randy.) All the bearings seem to run true and smooth. This is the only hitch thus far. I didn't get the live center, but thanks to Mike I now have one. I also didn't get a drive spur, but thanks to Jamie I now have one. Thanks, guys. I am not sure you are 'helping' as much as you are pushing me down the slope. LOL! But I am on a roll. ;)

BTW, the Hunter #3 is on the way, also.

So. What to do about the tailstock spindle to get it to turn smoothly and freely?

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