Turning Archive 2007

newbie question...

Edward in Vancouver
>Have been fooling around, on and off with a cheap lathe for quite some time, and now want to do some "real" projects with it. One that I'm working on now is a piano-type stool with revolving seat. Basically a central column of fir resting on an " X" of 2" solid oak legs.
The column, made of a salvaged old-growth 4" x4" is giving me troubles. I've got down to rough shape but the finish looks like it was spit out of a beaver's mouth. No matter what tool I use,--skew, round nose scraper, or square end scraper or what speed, the finish still looked like he**.
Finally gave up on tools and started sanding with a 60 grit disk chucked into a drill and with the piece on low speed on the lathe. Progressed to 80, then 120 with sheet sandpaper, then 240 which gave me a decent enough surface to use tung oil.

Now that I've done it the wrong way, what's the proper way, and the proper tool and speed to do it?

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