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Indy Fest - better late than never!

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>Just dragged my tired fanny in the door. I got home safe and sound only to find that everyone used all the superlatives in the English language to describe Indy Fest. And all of them are true!

Of all the thing I have every finally got around to doing, this has to have been the greatest! I had good intentions to take lots of pictures, but alas, I got so intrigued watching and trying things out that my camera was the most useless thing I brought with me!

Whether you are a pro, and old f--- at turning, or brand spankin' new, you ought not to miss this. It is a TON of work by Ray and Lynn, with help from family and friends, and I can't find a 'thank you' big enough.

And the generosity of the experienced turners is legendary! Thanks for all the goodies, guys. Vince didn't make it - car trouble, so I will have to order. Does he have a site?

The ONLY thing that should keep you from coming next year is - NOTHING! You know you want to! Do it! Like all good things, this too will come to an end. Don't wait too long.

I'm flying in next year, gang.

Carol, waiting for the '08 to be determined. Now let's see if I can stay awake long enough to order my Hunter tool.....

P.S. To the members of the OFC, I am waiting on more info on the green Kobra....!

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Indy Fest - better late than never!
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