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Stihl - MS230 Vs. MS250

David Breth
>I'm looking at Stihl's now, and pretty much have myself narrowed between two models, the MS230 and MS250 (I'd get an 18" bar).

I recognize that the 250 is a more powerful machine, but I'm wondering if the 230 would be sufficient for me. The 230 runs a bit less expensive. My use is really just to hack up logs and blanks, but my volume isn't that incredible. Maybe I use it a dozen times a year in sessions that last about an hour or two. My largest log diameter is maybe 20". I'm just wondering if the 230 will have enough stones to do the job.

Thanks very much for any assistance. I've been saving my pennies for a while, and the show I just posted has put me over the edge so now I can do something.

David B.

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