Turning Archive 2007

Cherry Banded Bowl

>Okay, one more....

This is a cherry bowl that I turned twice. Roughed out then soaked in DNA. I took the rough out to my John Jordan class this summer in June and finished it there. The band around the rim was left proud and then another band inside that band was left proud again. This allowed me to use an ink roller to roll printers ink on the smaller band after I burned the curly cues in it.

The curly cues were made with a piece of NiChrome wire that I bent and used in a burning pen. I discovered that I'm not real crazy about the printers ink. It takes FOREVER to dry.

The wider band was then textured with a reciprocating carver using a V gouge and simple random cuts. The bowl is about 10 1/2 " in diameter. It's rather heavy and not delicate in the least. I imagine it would make a good fruit bowl. The bottom has no foot and just a depression where I also burned a ring of curly cues and added a black band over them. Finished with Danish Oil.

Comments, critiques...always welcome.

Jen :)

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