Turning Archive 2007

Apologizes to INDIFEST

>I want to apologize to my INDIfest friends for not making it to the gathering. The car was packed. I left in plenty of time, and everything was great until mile marker 74 when my check engine light came on. As I was pulling into the rest stop the car completely died and that is all she wrote! I was stranded! I local wrecker suggested a repair shop to take the car and I had to call in a favor to have someone drive 75 miles one way to retrieve my sorry butt. I asked my friend if they wanted to go to INDI today but they declined. So I just returned back to the house. I just called and left a message on Ray's phone and I earlier I called and left a message on Jen's phone this morning shortly after the car trouble started stating I was not sure at that point if I was going to make it. Again, apologizes to all for not being able to show up. Vince

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