Turning Archive 2007

better late than never... (for real) *PIC*

GaryG in MD
>Sorry about that -- I noticed that my pix were over the 80k limit and had to go back and shrink them a bit.

As I was saying...

I should have gotten this on a week ago, but 'life' conspired against me. There was something about nice weather and an 11-inch spalted maple bowl too...

Our mutual pal, Ed Kelle, has really taken to teaching. Last week, he came down thru Delaware, back to the DC area, for his "blossom" demo at the Montgomery County Woodturners. We were very happy to have him back, after his visit last month, to bring his art and skills to our fledgling group in Maryland. Ed is a special person, and a joy to be around. Thanks again for making the trip, Ed.

Needless to say, a few pix are in order. Let's make it seven this time. The first is starting a pseudo-goblet by shaping and hollowing. More to come...


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