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Holland Bowl Mill to be on TV !

Pete in Holland, MI
>According to the local paper, the Holland Bowl Mill will be on a future "How It's Made" program. Tis supposed to air on The Science Channel bewteen September 21-30, then from there go to The Discovery Channel.

The Holland Bowl Mill is still commercially turning out bowls here in Holland, Michigan. They sell some from the mill, but do most of their work wholesale. They have a web site at hollandbowlmill.com

Their operation is based around a coring lathe that is built up around an old turret lathe. Bowls are cored, spend some time in an autoclave, air dry for a couple months, then are belt sanded from there. Not the finishing process that most of us use for our bowls, but they must be doing something right over the past 100 years! They process approximately 4000 board feet of wood per week.

Thought you might be interested.

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