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Bush Oil vs Waterlox... *LINK*

Andy DiPietro
>Has anyone used both finishes and can tell me the differences? I know that Waterlox is Tung oil based and Bush oil is Linseed and Urethane based. I attached a link for Curious Woods Blog where you can purchase it for 10% off. I talked with some one there today and they could only give me the info off the can. Some questions:

1. Will Bush oil gloss up like the original Waterlox(red & gold can) after 3 or 4 coats?
2. Will Bush Oil last longer, Waterlox seems to skin over easily?
3. Are there different sanding requirements?
4. I see that you can apply top coats such as: nitrocellulose lacquers, urethanes, and rubbing varnishes if desired over Bush oil. I am not sure if you can do this with Waterlox.

Andy DiPietro

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