Turning Archive 2007

Is There Such a Thing as a Safe Catch?

Philip Morris
>Is there such a thing as a safe, controlable catch in woodturning?

I may have an opportunity to do a turning demonstration and was considering including the demonstration of a catch. I was wanting to do something that would maybe cause a minor gouge in the wood, but nothing catastrophic.

I was thinking of attaching a solid blank on a faceplate and turning the outside profile of a small bowl or vase. Before turning/hollowing the inside, I could use a spindle gouge with a fingernail profile on the outside of the turning to cause a minor catch. I am thinking that the profile of the tool is small enough that there won't be a big catch and with the turning still solid, not a big chance of it coming apart. The few times I have done this before have always resulted in a nasty gouge in the wood, but nothing really dangerous.

What are your thoughts/suggestions?


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