Turning Archive 2007

Travelling Buffer/Grinder System *PIC*

Allen Neighbors
>I set up my little Vicmarc for Buffing/Grinding when I travel, so I don't have to carry two more heavy motors along.
I used a piece of oak cutoff to make an arbor that would be held by my SN2 Chuck. I drilled a 1/2" thru-hole using my tailstock drill chuck. I used a spade bit to make a larger hole on the backside, to recess a 1/2" bolt head, and glued the bolt in the arbor.
I carefully turned down the face of the oak so the arbor would be the right length for my buffing wheels, the backing washer, the front washers and nut (I superglued a leather washer to the front washer to make the nut come off by hand).
Since this Arbor will double as a Grinding Arbor, I used my 1/6" parting tool and parted off a 3/8" thick "washer" from the front of the oak... this will be removed when the grinding wheel is installed, to allow for the greater thickness of the wheel with it's own washers.
This first pic shows the Arbor, with the wooden washer, the buffer backing washer, the front washer and nut. I marked the No. 1 Jaw so I will install it the same every time.

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