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How would you cut this log?

Ellis Walentine
>Here is a pretty nice looking cherry log I just scored. It's about 30" in diameter and 8' long, with a three-way crotch at the top and burls all the way up. I'm concerned that it may be hollow though. I won't know until I do some poking around with a coring bit or a chainsaw.

My dilemma is this: I don't know whether to cut it up for lumber or for turning blanks. If the log is sound, I'm leaning toward making lumber out of it. My sawmill guy only has a 24" portable band mill, so he'd have to square it before he could cut lumber from it, and that would negate any nice natural-edged slabs that I might get out of it.

There's also a value aspect to this decision. How much would 150bf of cherry burl lumber be worth versus several dozen premium cherry burl turning blanks?

Tough decision, eh? I posted this on the main board and I thought I ought to post it here, too, to get the turner's perspective on how you would hack it up for blanks. If it's hollow and there is only a shell a few inches thick of solid wood, would you cut it into platter blanks? If not, would you make giant salad bowl blanks? Tall blanks centered on the burl features for tall pots?

Dithering in Doylestown,

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