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I wish I had a nickel for

David Breth
>Every time I've glued my fingers together.

I'm getting ready for a craft show, made a bunch of snowmen. I glue twigs to them for arms, as well as props like guitars or candy canes or brooms, etc., and paint facial expressions on them. As careful as I am, invariably I'm pulling my fingers apart in that 1/10th of a second before they become conjoined.

This will be my second show. In order to supplement the bowls, for both shows, I've made "other things". Wondering what anybody else does along those lines. This time it is board puzzles for kids (5 designs), the aforementioend snowmen, and little snowman necklaces and ornaments, plus some leftover little cars from the previous show. (a mix of flatwork and round work). Those "supplemental" things take more time than the bowls do! I'll post photos of the supplemental items soon. As time-consuming as the snowmen are with all the painting and props and glueing, I do enjoy making them.

David B.

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I wish I had a nickel for
but then you'd have the nickel glued to you too! *NM*
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