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Gary Smyth
>I have to prepare a stacked series of wood "plates" that once turned to a round will be separated into donuts, then bored to form pockets for legs to fit into. They will be used simply to capture the leg and keep it from wandering when the platform they are installed on is pushed around.

My problem is that I want to turn the six pads at the same time. My intention was to split turn them by gluing the six 4 1/2" square pieces together with paper between the pieces. Mount them in the lathe (using headstock and tailstock) and turn them round to a cylinder, separate them at the paper line, bore them for a 2" leg and then mount them to the platform.

My problem is that most split turnings I have seen has the glue line parallel to the lathe bed, as for a column, not perpendicular, like stacked wood on its side as I want to do. I should probably have turned the cylinder first then cut the pads but I wanted no warping, or glue line, and didn't have the thick stock. My solution was to cut the pads first and now I want to glue them for eventual release and turn them. Does anyone have experience with split turnings? Can I safely turn with the glue line perpendicular to the lathe bed? Will the glue and paper hold? Several turning books I have offer no help. I can get the stacked pieces to at least a octagonal shape on the table saw, so the cuts will be light.Anyone ever do this?

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