Turning Archive 2007

Aromatic cedar finishing question

Wolf Kiessling
>I have several aromatic cedar bowls to finish and I need some help. What I really want to finish them with is Tru-Oil but I know from past experience that the volatiles in the cedar can eat any oil based product. Also, I don't want to use shellac.

I have been finishing my cedar projects with wax, which is impervious to the cedar volatiles, but in this case I don't want to do this. I just re-read Russ Fairfield's article on finishing with Deft and noticed that after the sanding is completed there is a heavy coat of liquid finishing wax applied prior to the application of the Deft. In the case of cedar, would the wax act as a barrier to protect the Deft from the volatiles? Anyone have any experiece/knowledge about this?

Additionally, is there some way to "pop" the grain the way an application of oil would?

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