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MultiAxis Turning Article by Barbara Dill *LINK*

charlie belden
>A heads up - the Fall 2007 issue of American Woodturner that everyone seems to be waiting for has a great five page article on Multi-Axis Turning - the first of two articles on the subject by Barbara Dill.

If you haven't tried multi-axis turning this article just may be the thing to get you to try it.

If you have tried multi-axis turning and had trouble figuring out what does what - results being sort of voodoo - this article will probably clear things up a bit.

This article will get you thinking Outside The Box - or more accurately - Outside The Circle. And it has an interesting twist - literally. Actually it's only a quarter turn - but it's a twist none the less.

I've been playing with just a couple of ideas from the article and put up a page about just one of the ideas I learned from the article. Have a veritable mini- forest of little odd shaped "trees" and keep adding to it.

Turning is addictive. Multi-Axis turning maybe the crack cocaine of turning. I see triangular turned lidded boxes in my future, along with some pretty unusual finials.

Thank you Barbara Dill!

charlie b

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