Turning Archive 2007

Hollowing with Hunter Tools

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

After reading a number of testimonials to Mike Hunter and his carbide hollowing tools, I obtained a couple of the retrofit ones designed to fit in my Stewart arm brace. While they cut very nicely, I had some trouble - well, a lot of trouble - getting to the center of the piece on which I was working. I had been corresponding with Mike Hunter all the while, so I wrote him and told him the tool cut great, but it would be nice if he had one that cut straight on instead of to the side. Well, he has one, and he sent me one. I just got done hollowing out a tall narrow vase, and it works great!

I usually hollow these things with my bowl gouge as far as I can, and then switch to the Stewart tool with a teardrop scraper installed. Or, for really deep ones, I use my Monster hollowing tool from Randy Privett. But, the one I did tonight was hollowed for the last three inches down with the Hunter cutter. It is the same size as the one that retrofits the Stewart tool, but it has a 10 cant forward instead of a 30 cant to the side. This tip allowed me to hollow right down to the center of the bowl with very little effort, and as a bonus, I was still able to thin the walls down to where I wanted them without having to switch tips. I wrote Mike and told him that I did not know how many of these he had made up, but that he might want to make more!


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