Turning Archive 2007

A trio of goblet forms *PIC*

russ Fairfield
>Maybe I should call them stemed vases. Anyway, the Amboyna Burl in the middle is 11-1/2" tall, and it was turned from a piece of wood that I bought at the AAW Symposium in Portland.

The Maple one on the right was a practice piece before I tackeled the $50 piece of wood.

The smaller one on the left was finished this morning, andit was done to prove to myself that I could make something that was less than 1/16" thickness.

The finish on all of them is one sloppy brush coat of Deft, followed by wiping it all of to dry after sitting for a couple minutes, buffing it with Tripoli and white Diamond the next morning, and then giving it a coat of Renaissance Wax.

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