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Light Gloat and Question?

Barry Irby
>I did an Inspection for someone buying a former dentist office. I commented I would like to have the lights if they were tearing them out. Months later the guy gave me two. I now own two Pelton Crane LFC+ lights. These are the one on the swivels and arms that the dentist aims into your mouth. I hung one up between my lathe and bandsaw. (my shop is so small it is also near my drill press and table saw and planer and, well you get eh picture.)

I have not turned anything with it up here yet. Now I am looking for a device that makes that high pitched scream of the drill to complete the buzz kill.

A couple of questions. These lights have quartz bulbs and fairly high kelvin numbers and about 2000 foot candles of light. Is that a lot?

And, they have some age on them and the paint came off part of the back of the reflector. (Its white and brittle and cooked.) The glass appears to be partially silvered, but some light escapes out the back now that the paint is gone. Does This matter? Is it reducing the amount of light on the object? If so, what kind of paint could I use to replace it?

Do you think the other one would make a good door prize for my turning club?

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Light Gloat and Question?
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