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NEW Shop Shots - Finished Projects!

David Yoho
>Our two newest Shop Shots are up and both are finished projects!

In Shop Shot #843, Charles Mak tells about a display stand he built for pens that fits into a barrister bookcase. The idea came from a clipping he saved from a stationary store catalog years ago. This is a simple project you can build in a day and can be used inside a barrister bookcase or stand alone to display a collection of pens.

In Shop Shot #844, Fred Schock shares a commissioned piece he completed for The DeBartolo Center for the Performing Arts at Notre Dame University. His symbolic design combines the influences of the arts and religion, while incorporating an inlaid cruciform, taken from the colorful, multi-patterned rug.

I would encourage viewers to open a discussion of these new shots. This is a great way to ask any questions you might have, make suggestions, give a critique of the works, or simply say what you thought of them. One of the benefits of a woodworking forum like this is being able to learn from each other. However, I believe we've been missing this opportunity in the past when new shots go up. So, if you have something to say, post your responses right here.


David Yoho
Editor - Shop Shots

NEW Shop Shots!

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