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Barbara Dill's Multi-Axis Turning Article *LINK*

charlie belden
>The Fall 2007 issue of American Woodturner has a great 5 page, well illustrated, article - the first of two articles on the subject of multi-axis turning. Her statement "I have found a way to systematically conceptualize and categorize multi-axis spindle turning." seemed pretty ambitious. Then I went through the five pages. Every page produced at least one AH!

Now if you've played with multi-axis turning it's often either like magic - or a confusing and frustrating ordeal - the outcome seeming totally unpredictable - and unreproducable. With a spindle turning bias/blind spot, I was always thinking in terms of circular cross sections. It never occured to me to play with intersecting arcs - or twists.

Have done the first of what will likely be several pages on what I've learned so far thanks to Barbara's article. I look foreward to her next article on the subject.

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Barbara Dill's Multi-Axis Turning Article *LINK*
Re: Barbara Dill's Multi-Axis Turning Article
Excellent job. Thanks *NM*
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