Turning Archive 2007

pecancrete nat. edge bowl-it rocks! *PIC*

Jamie Donaldson
>I believe this is the first round bottom bowl I have ever turned, and I now know why pecan has a reputation for being hard! For John P.- start out by roughing out the exterior bottom of the bowl between centers, but don't turn into the bark area from the bottom- you will push the bark off the blank. To retain bark(and any natural edge)make cuts from bark toward the bottom, so that the bark is supported by the mass of wood below. I then reverse and mount rounded blank in chuck. When exterior form is satisfactory, sand and prepare bark for CA application by coating exterior with a thinned coat of lacquer wiped on- this will eliminate a visable glue line by reducing thin CA spread. Finish sanding exterior, then finish hollowing interior in usual fashion, meaning you are cutting thru bark into wood - go cautiously to avoid knocking off bark chunks. Then same routine as exterior- rough sand, thin lacquer, thin CA on bark line, finish sanding, then finish if you choose at this time. Reverse on jam chuck to access bottom and blend sanding, then finish as usual. Does this get you started?

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