Turning Archive 2007

What I learned from a good demo *LINK* *PIC*

Gordon Seto
>Doug Thompson did a full size cowboy hat demo for our Club last month.
I posted here: http://www.woodcentral.com/cgi-bin/turning.pl?frames;read=158277
That was the fourth such demo I have seen. The first three never inspired me. They were good; I enjoyed watching them as entertainment. It was like a beginner watching Richard Raffan DVD; you hope you can do that someday but intimidated.
Doug talked to us in our level. He said his techniques can be applied to thin wall turning. It inspired my wife to take the core-out from the hat demo home; she demanded me to try a mini hat. I said I don’t have the light fixture, so I turned this thin wall bowl.
It is 6˝” diameter by 3˝” high, Danish oil finish and buffed. Wood was from Doug’s hat demo, which he salvaged from the city dump. He said it was some sort of maple. It has 1/16” wall thickness and weights 2.1 oz.
BTW, Doug himself is not using the grind that he posted in his web site. He uses a free hand grind. I didn’t want to mess up my Thompson bowl gouge. So I used my Sorby and adapted his free hand grind. Sorry, Doug


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