Turning Archive 2007

Remember my General stuck face plate saga?

Ruth Niles
>And after I did get the face plate off, the bearing was making noise and a neighbor who had a machine shop came over and his diagnosis was that I melted the lubricant on the front bearing? I also had snapped the indexing pin.

Well, 2 local (in PA) dealers don't have parts, called General, they said to just pull off the bearing, go to a local bearing place, it'd be cheaper and faster. At least General admits it's service isn't the best! Then I called my machine shop, Stef said to get CRC white lithium grease, take off the front plate around the spindle, spray it into the crevice". It's a sealed bearing not an enclosed so he said the lithium would work it's way to the bearing.

It's amazing, the General is back to new, can't hear a sound from the bearing.

Life is good.

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