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I like the Hunter inserts, but nothing to show

Eddie Pacheco: San Jose, Ca.
>Like you all have stated, these Hunter cutter inserts do a heck of a nice job. I was practicing on a piece of dry walnut and I was surprised at the finish either on end grain and surface grain. I was making a small container/pen and pencil holder, from that walnut piece and I was working 2" deep, with poor lighting, and possible low skill level when I got a nasty catch. The 3250 does not take prisioners when it comes to a catch. My wood chunk flew off, took out my lamp, and generally bounced around the shop. I think I relaxed my grip a bit and turned the cutter the wrong way and this caused the catch. Sooooo, I put stuff away, got me a large glass of wine and here I am typing away.
Maybe tomorrow when I'm rested and not so giddy with a new toy, I'll give it another try with a better piece of wood.

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I like the Hunter inserts, but nothing to show
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