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What did turn?..Bird feeder *PIC*

Curt Fuller
>I didn't actually turn this today but I put the last of the finish on it today. It's a bird feeder to feed the squawking scrub jays that mooch for peanuts around here. It's a donation to the Ogden Nature Center for their upcoming fundraiser auction. It's made from Siberian Elm and Oak dowels. The cone shaped plug in the top slides up the cord to load it with peanuts. About 6" diameter and 12" tall.

BTW, I don't take credit for the idea. They sell a plain version of these at the Wild Bird centers made from pine with aluminum rods. I just made a fancier version.

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What did turn?..Bird feeder *PIC*
Re: What did turn?..Bird feeder
Very Cool, Curt! Nice work. *NM*
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