Turning Archive 2007

Robust Party?

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>So, who is up for some happy time? My Robust is tentatively coming in October, and there has been some talk about people coming over to see it in action. I don't have any firm dates yet, but I am thinking of throwing a party to get it dirty and have some fun. It will be cooler out than at our Five Barns picnic, and this won't be on that scale, but I am thinking a Saturday afternoon and evening, with maybe a bonfire to finish the evening off. People can bring all those turnings that didn't make it! We'll firm up a date as soon as I get an idea of how many people might like to come.

If you are interested in some turning, or just gabbing with your fellow cyber-friends, let me know via an email. The address is above.


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