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I Love Wood Central (Long)

Clem Wixted, Jonesboro, Arkansas
>I'm a retired 67 year old relative newcomer to wood turning. I do not live near other turners and the closest club is too far away to be meaningful to me. All of my learning is from non-hands-on sources.

I am a "researcher" and dig out all kinds of information for all of my activities and hobbies. Most all of the information comes from the internet. Turning forums are usually the first place I spend my turning "research" time and from there get additional ideas and sources for more information. Some people on the turning forums have web pages that are invaluable to me.

The discussions on the forums have helped me tremendously with whatever knowledge I have. Over the years I have observed the personality of all of the forums I am part of and now WOODCENTRAL is my forum of choice. I still get good information from all of them but here is where I call home. I even enjoy the off topic stuff and the heated discussions.

I don't think any of the opinions I've read have had a malicious intent. I learned after having customers for many years when I was in the business community that a complaining customer was a very valuable customer. They cared enough to bring a deficiency to the attention of someone so the situation could be improved. Their intent was good, and when we did something about it, we improved, thanks to them.

I thank everyone who has contributed here for helping me to be a better turner and even a better person. The technical information I now have comes from many sources and frequently after a clearification was made in regards to anothers posting.

I'm going to stick around here in hopes that the frequent contributers will continue to contribute. I also hope the newbie questions will continue to be answered. I can sort out what will work for me and hope it will streach me in the process.

If I publically thank each person individually I would undoubtedly leave someone out. You know if you have contributed and I am thankful that you have.

This is a great place, Ellis.


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I Love Wood Central (Long)
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