Turning Archive 2007

Fall AAW Magazine

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>Recently in another thread the latest AAW magazine was criticised for being too "artsy". Of course those of us who get the magazine can make our own evaluation. Those of you who do not get the magazine can possibly use the following to see why you have to be very careful who you listen to when forming opinions:

"Squirt Pods"- inside out spindle turning with a little hand work. Decoration optional.

"Multi-Axis Turning"- spindle turning with a twist..no artsy decoration

"A Journey to South Africa"- pretty pictures for everyone to enjoy

"Non-Traditional Finial Box" - basic turning. Fancy finial optional

"Icicle From the Sea" - spindle turning - nothing artsy except the sea urchin which was made artsy by nature

"Twisted Pepper Mill"- again, spindle turning with a glue up

"Cool Kiln" - nothing artsy here, just basic info.

"Tips" - look pretty basic to me

"Gallery % Artist Relationships"- artsy pictures good basic information

"52 New Woodturners"- report on young wood turners

"Toos Daze"- artsy, I think not. Making your own tools


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