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Beware of what you ask for

Russ Fairfield
>During all of the discussion of TD, the AAW, and this forum, I have read more than just a few complaints about the old-timers here on WC. These complaints have ranged from their work getting preferential treatment when pictures are posted, to the fact that nobody ever contrdicts their advice.

This message is directed at those who have complained.

It is that very mix of old-timers, experienced woodturners, intermediate, and beginners who have made Wood Central the useful and popular forum that it is. It has made it the best place on the Internet for a beginner and intermediate woodturner to get a reliable answer to their questions. That there is often more than one answer, and sometimes conflicting answers, only proves that woodturning is not an exact science and that there always more than one way to get almost anything done.

Telling the old-timers on this site to shut up and go away is asking for the destruction of the very thing you appreciate about Wood Central. Should all of the old-timers take your advice and leave, there will only be beginners talking to beginners, and there will be nobody to give experienced advice and guidance. Is that what you really want Wood Central to become?

Many of the experienced woodturners have already left because of this same attitude you have expressed in your recent threads. I am sure TD will think twice before he answers another question about anything; and I am sure that I am not the only one who is wondering why I am still here.

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