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A poll: What do you expect from AAW?

steve antonucci
>Alright, maybe not a poll, but I know AAW board members know about WoodCentral's turning forum and probably would be interested in some constructive help at bettering the AAW for it's membership.

Now without yelling and screaming, what do you expect from AAW?

I'll go first:

1.) I expect that AAW will address a broad range of turning topics- from techniques to tools to form and design. I suspect that I will look at beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics throughout the materials, and I will read them all with a varied level of interest.

2.) I expect AAW to promote the art/craft of woodturning through various symposium, which I may or may not choose to attend. If I choose to attend, I expect the topics/mix from point #1 to be present, and it will be my responsibility to seek out the interesting ones.

3.) I do NOT expect it to be a democracy (majority rules). Assuming that most of the turners are beginners, I do not want an organization that is run by inexperienced turners, nor caters to them exclusively.

4.) I expect the AAW to expect of its' membership. As we all know, in any group, there are thinkers, do-ers and followers. I would love to see the AAW step of the pressure on becoming ACTIVE members within the organization and put together a plan to reward people for participation. Nothing comes from nothing.

It's a start. Now that I'm a member of the AAW (ok, technically 1/1/2008), I have an opinion.


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