Turning Archive 2007

Turning Brass 360

>A quick update from the previous posts regarding the grind on my gouges. Thanks to Wally, Jamie and the rest, I was able to regrind the small "hump" from the wings and it worked great.

Now I have some other questions.

I cut the Ash handles off my Thompson tools because they were too light for my taste. I am making some Aluminum handles to fill with shot. I want to do all the work on my wood lathes and know I can turn the Aluminum, However, I also want to turn some "Brass 360" and could not find anything in the archives. Brass is supposed to be soft and I think I can take it slow and have a go at it.

For you metalworkers: Is the Brass 360 alloy soft enough for turning on my spindle lathe? (I have several HSS tool bits I can rig up as well.) What RPM would you recommend I set my VFD for?

Thanks... looking forward to posting the new handles... if all goes well...;)


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