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Happiness is *PIC*

Barry ... on SaltSpring
>Having new toys and the time to play with them. This is my new Elbo hollowing rig mounted on my Nova DVR. It is extended to the max over the end of the bed to facilitate this 14" long piece of very dry cherry. Mounted in my new rig is the Mike Hunter carbide cutter in a 3/4 " round bar. (the steady rest by the way is based on a design by Herman DeVries) What a great combination this is, cuts very well into end grain and much easier on this old Bod. I would like to mount the carbide cutter on my Don Pencil swan neck bar, but the thread size is not compatible to both. Has any one tried this, or any ideas? Help on this would be appreciated. I will post a pic when this is finished.

Regards ... Barry

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